Carburetor vs Fuel Injection

  Carburetor vs fuel injection is debated as fuel delivery systems. This is an important discussion as the fuel delivery is an important component of four stroke cycle, the engine and by extension the entire vehicle. Several factors are involved.
  After my research I have discovered that the advantages are heavily directed towards the fuel injection. Although manufactures don't make carburetor engines anymore, they will remain alive and active in the hearts of many racing enthusiasts because of certain arguments.
  An engine with a carburetor is said to produce more raw horsepower or more high end power than a fuel injected engine.
  A carburetor is by far a simple engine when compared to a fuel injected engine. this simplicity would make the carburetor engine easier to adjust, troubleshoot, configure or rebuild.
  A carburetor engine would be a cheaper engine to purchase and cheaper to install.
  Fuel Injection
  A fuel injected engine will function better in any environment as the sensors in the engine will quickly adjust the air/fuel mixture in order to adapt to various environmental conditions.
  This advantage would indicate that fuel injected engines should have minimal problems starting in cold conditions as the sensors would quickly adapt to the cold surroundings.
  Due to the precise mixing of the fuel and air by the system, fuel injected engines releases a smaller amount of emissions into the environment providing that you keep your engine in good condition.
  The precise fuel distribution that is given to the engine by the fuel injection system not only allows the engine to adapt to changes in the environment, but the engine also quickly adapts to changes in the driving style.
  This precise fuel distribution also assist fuel injected engines to benefit from better fuel economy than carbureted engines of the same size. One has to consider that other factors must be considered when fuel economy is mentioned.
  Although a carburetor may produce more top end horsepower the fuel injected engine produces more power and torque through out the entire RPM range.
  Fuel injected engines have greatly improved and there are now various types of fuel injected engines.
  My conclusion is that the fuel injection is the better system for everyday users. There may still be an argument where drag racing is concerned but fuel injected is the better system. The benefits of the carburetor apparently wasn't enough to convince any manufacturer that they should keep carbureted engines for their racing cars.
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