Roadster - Spyder

  A Roadster or Spyder is the most exotic bodystyle of the street legal automotive world usually being a combination of a two seater coupe and a convertible.
  A roadster may be much smaller in dimension when compared to a sedan or station wagon but they may cost much more than the average sedan or wagon.
  The average roadster consists of three main compartments:-
  1. The front of the car with the bonnet or hood and the engine.
  2. The passenger area with two doors and two seats for the driver and another person.
  3. The rear compartment with the trunk or sometimes the engine.
  The convertible version of a four seater coupe is generally not considered to be a roadster or spyder, only the two door version.
bmw roadster
The BMW Z4
  Roadsters are great for an enjoyable driving experience but not very good for practically and functionally. Because of the design and layout of a roadster trunk space is reduced or eliminated when the top is down and the vehicle can only seat two persons as it is a two seater.
  Performance numbers may be slightly less that the comparable two door coupe but the driving experience should be slightly better. Being a convertible the monocoque chassis of a spyder will be altered from the coupe version.
  There are a few dedicated roadsters like the Cadillac XLR, Mercedes Benz SLK or the BMW Z4 but most roadsters are two seater coupes that have been given a convertible version like the Audi R8 spyder, Ferrari 458 spyder or the Porsche Boxster.
  Many mid engine supercars such as the cars just mentioned have a spyder version. This makes an exotic car more exotic. The roadster is a fun car by nature which equals to some of the most enjoyable time you can spend on the road.
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