Adaptive Headlamps

  Adaptive Headlamps or turning lights allow you to see around a corner or up a hill earlier whenever you're driving at night or in any low light conditions that would cause you to use your headlamps.
  A vehicle with adaptive headlamps will significantly reduce the possibility of a collision as you will be able to detect hazards earlier.
adaptive light
  The reason why the term adaptive is used is because the lights don't just turn to the left or right at a pre determined angle. Sensors check the tire angle and the lights adapt to how much the vehicle is cornering and the light is turned accordingly.
  The adaptive headlight use a variety of sensors to determine the steering angle, the yaw rate and the speed of your vehicle to ascertain where the light is needed the most.
  The direction of your vehicle is also monitored as well so the lights will not turn in the direction of the steering while you're reversing.
  Once the direction to point the light is located the lenses in the headlight can turn up to 30 degrees (up to 15 degrees to the left & right).
  The lights can also point up or down to adapt to your vehicle when it is about to ascend or descend a hill, at the start of the hill the lights will further up or down the hill and return to normal once the entire vehicle is now parallel with the gradient of the hill.
  There are motorized parts inside the headlamp which the light source is attached to so HIDs, LEDs and other bulbs can easily turn.
  Some vehicles have another method of adaptive lighting. A bulb is located at the corner of the vehicle usually within the headlamp. This bulb remains off and is only activated in the same manner via sensors when the vehicle is turning and turns off automatically when they are not needed.
  I prefer the first type of adaptive headlamps because this method has one angle to direct the light, its either on or off, with no rotation to adapt to different angles.
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