Engines and Technologies

  Engines, I can't imagine building a website on high end vehicles and not including a section for engines.
  This section not only caters to engine parts but to technologies that enhances the engine thereby making it worthy for a high end vehicle. There are comparisons in this section which will explain why some decisions are considered over others when it comes to an engine for a high end or luxury vehicle.
  In these comparisons both alternatives will have their advantages and disadvantages and in some cases both of the alternatives can be used for a high end vehicle but the question is which is the better alternative for a specific type of vehicle as simple things can make a big difference in the power output, vibrations, durability and fuel consumption of an engine.
  I have also placed different engine types and configurations in this section of the site.
Listed below are the topics for engines and engine technologies.

  Aluminium Engine
  Atkinson Cycle
  Auto Start Stop Feature
  Boxer Engine
  Carburetor vs Fuel Injection
  Common Rail
  Cylinder Deactivation
  Electronic Throttle Control
  Engine Displacement
  Engine Management System
  Forged Engine/Forged vs Cast
  Front Engine vs Mid Engine
  Hemi Engine
  Inline (Straight) vs V Engine
  Petrol vs Diesel Engine
  Piezo Injectors
  Rotary Engine (Mazda)
  Single Overhead Cam vs Dual Overhead Cam
  Throttle Body Injection vs Multi Port Injection vs Direct Injection
  Variable Valve Timing
  W Engine

Sample Images
boxer engine
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