Satellite Navigation

  Satellite Navigation sometimes called Sat Nav use the signals from numerous satellites to display the location of your vehicle on a high resolution screen using maps. Satellite navigation is one of the features usually accessed through the vehicle's infotainment system.
  Satellite navigation is a plus for comfort because of how advanced some on board systems are. Firstly they display your location for you on high graphical maps, they can also show you where you're going, you can enter a destination in the system and have the sat nav show you the most accessible route to the destination you selected.
  Satellite navigation systems can detect areas with severe traffic conditions, construction areas, road works and accidents and use this information to determine the best route if there is more than one to your destination. This is achieved with the aid of telematic services or from the same company that offer the satellite signals for the satellite radio.
  The maps stored on the navigation systems usually have important places and points of interests such as airports and hospitals.
  Some Sat Nav systems can be given instructions by voice control and they can give you vital information via a pre recorded voice.
  The storing of information on a hard drive in the vehicle results in a very fast operation of the sat nav as the information doesn't have to be loaded or buffered.
  Navigation systems installed from the factory will be integrated into the infotainment system and is accessible through a menu allowing you to leave the sat nav, adjust anything else and return to it when it's convenient to you.
  Sat nav instructions can also be displayed on the head up display even when you're not on the navigation section of the infotainment.
  These maps will have various zoom levels displaying from entire cities to single streets. Some displays may have an option to have a three dimensional view of the map.
 jaguar sat nav The sat nav in a Jaguar XF displaying a mapped out area along with street names, an arrow indicating north and the scale of the map.
  Satellite Navigation systems must receive signals from at least three satellites in order to provide you with the navigational information. As the number of satellites the sat nav can pick up increases the more accurate the positioning will be.
  Vehicles that were manufactured without a satellite navigation system can have an aftermarket sat nav system installed. These aftermarket systems have their own screen which can be connected to the windscreen or the dashboard and a method to connect to a power supply. As with any product there will be basic and advanced aftermarket satellite navigation systems.
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