Performance Features and Technologies

  Performance is a key ingredient for luxury and high end vehicles, after all the power and ultimate performance must be above average for the vehicle to be considered high end in it's class.
  I have dedicated this section of the website to performance oriented topics. There are comparisons in this section that are considered by engineers when designing a new model of any vehicle such as the placement of the engine in the vehicle or which air compressor to use on an engine.
  There are laws of physics and how some of these laws can be incorporated or avoided to improve the performance of a vehicle.
  There are also technologies or parts that are placed on vehicles that doesn't have to be compared with other technologies or parts. An example would be the intercooler which enhances the output of an air compressor, I don't know of any substitute for an intercooler.
  Listed below are the topics for performance which enhance your driving pleasure and practicality.

  Aerodynamic Diffuser
  Aluminium Chassis
  Carbon Ceramic Brakes
  Carbon Fiber Body Panels
  Carbon Fiber Chassis
  Down Force
  Dual Clutch Transmission
  Ferrari 4RM (Ferrari)
  Intelligent All Wheel Drive
  Launch Control
  Limited Slip Differential
  Performance Exhaust
  Retractable Spoiler
  Super Handling-All Wheel Drive (Honda)
  Symmetrical All Wheel Drive (Subaru)
  Torque Vectoring
  Turbocharger vs Supercharger
  Twin Scroll Turbo
  Twin Turbo
  Types of Superchargers
  Vehicle Aerodynamics
  Waste Gate
  ZF Transmission

Sample Images
4rm drivetrain
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