Retractable Spoiler

  A Retractable Spoiler is an automotive rear spoiler with the ability to extend and retract from the trunk or tailgate of the car.
  The horizontal or useful area of the spoiler is usually mounted on narrow cylindrical pillars which can easily accommodate the rising from and retracting into the car.
  Electric signals either from an ECU or from the driver's request controls hydraulics or electric motors to make the spoiler extend and retract.
  Regular spoilers are permanently in position on the trunk or rear of the car and they reduce or spoil the effects of turbulence and drag as air moves over the vehicle.
  An adjustable spoiler can take advantage of several aerodynamic principles to gain the following benefits.
  The first benefit will be the same as that of an effective fixed spoiler which is to reduce the effects of turbulence at high speeds.
  It creates downforce by using the horizontal wing of the spoiler to have the reverse effect of an airplane wing and push the car down. The pitch of the blade can be adjusted on some cars to control the downforce at various speeds.
  Further adjusting the pitch or angle of the horizontal blade allows the spoiler to use the same drag to assist the brakes in stopping the car.
  When the spoiler retracts, the car has less drag at lower speeds. A spoiler designed to create downforce at high speed will also create drag but at higher speeds the benefit of downforce outweighs the drag whereas at lower speeds some drag still exists with no downforce.
  The horizontal blade is usually painted in the same colour of the car and is designed to give the appearance that the car has no spoiler when it is retracted.
  Many retractable spoilers automatically extend around 60 to 80 mph on various models and they usually retract around the same speed or slightly lower.
  It is also common for retractable spoilers to have a manual mode and be raised and lowered via a button on the dashboard.
  Well known vehicles to use a retractable spoiler are the McLaren MP4-12C, Lexus LFA, Porsche Panamera, Bugatti Veyrons and several Audi models.
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