About Why High End

  WhyHighEnd? was launched on Sunday 11th April 2010 to be your first choice in answering one of many questions - Why should anyone purchase a high end vehice?
  WhyHighEnd? was created by Elvin Mings, a 26 year old living in the twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago and who has experiances and researched through various sources and has an ever growing passion as the motivation for this website.
  The Passion
I usually hear comments like -
"I aint spending so much money on ah car" or
"I could buy ah house with that kinda money" and
"Dem cars is ah waste of money".
These were never my opinion. While I do believe that a small portion of the pricetag of some high end vehicle goes to the name or the symbol that represents the marque, I know the pricetags covers a wide range of features including the intangible stuff that we can't see or touch but they improve our motoring experience drastically.

  The Decision
  I decided to create this website as the basis for informing persons of the features and technologies that not only contributes to the price but to your comfort, safety, enjoyment, style and your status, yes I said it, Status. I know persons who used the comments I mentioned earlier and sometime afterwards they have an experience with a high end vehicle and their opinions change, sometimes temporarily, but they change.

 The Method
  The topics discussed on the website is done in a variety of ways including comparisons to give an indication of why one feature would be chosen over the other when manufacturing the vehicles or to help you to make a better choice when purchasing a vehicle with any of these comparing features. We will be constantly working to update the content on the site and add new technologies and features that justify the existence and pricetags of these vehicles.

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nissan coupe
range rover sport
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