Vehicle Ergonomics

  How could anyone create a high end vehicle without concidering vehicle ergonomics? Vehicle ergonomic properties constitutes an important part to your comfort while you're using your vehicle, proper ergonomics is essential for both luxury and sporting vehicles.
  Ergonomics is the science whereby your surroundings is designed to suit you instead of just designing something and then you have to adapt to it. That being said, vehicle ergonomics is not a specific feature but the task of studying the human body and arranging the interface of the features so they accommodate you best.
  An example would be a person sitting in a car since we can't stand in the average vehicle, a study would be carried out on the best or safest sitting posture to avoid short and long term injury especially your back neck and shoulders and the car seat would be designed and installed for you to keep that posture as much as possible.
  Everything else you have to access in the vehicle as much as possible should be positioned where you shouldn't have to move out of your comfort zone to reach it.
ergonomic testing Ergonomic testing
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  Luxury and sport will have to adopt a different approach in ensuring your comfort and safety ergonomically. Luxury vehicles with a generally smooth ride will have more flexibility in their seats, their seats need to provide the perfect posture. Sporting vehicles with their harder ride, rapid acceleration and braking, tight corners at high speeds need seats to hold you in place, to hug you as your body can be subjected to alot of movement whether you're the driver or a passenger.
  The lack of ergonomics not just in vehicles but generally have contributed to numerous health problems over a period of time.
  Bad posture doesn't affect you immediately but sometimes years afterwards as the bad posture is continued in everyday life.
  One challenging aspect of vehicle ergonomics is the amount of variations in the shape and size of different human beings. Some aspects of vehicle ergonomics can't be a one size fits all so some consideration must be made to adequately facilitate persons of varying shapes, sizes and weight.
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