Basic Car Features and Technologies

  This section was created for the basic and simple topics involving automobiles. In the basic car features there are topics for vehicles in general as come concepts for high end and luxury can be listed throughout all vehicles.
  Some of these concepts will be the basic process by which all internal combustion vehicles operate, the well known drivetrains, certain requirements needed for the efficient operation of vehicles and some of the other basic features that can be found on the average vehicle.
  There are other topics that are basic to all automotive companies and will be just as important to the manufacturers of luxury and high end vehicles and you'll find them here.
Listed below are the basic features, technologies and automotive terms.

  Automatic vs Manual Transmissions
  Automobile Platform
  Catalytic Converter
  Center of Gravity
  Disc Brakes vs Drum Brakes
  Electronic Control Unit
  Floating vs Fixed Calipers
  Four Stroke Cycle
  Four Wheel Drive vs All Wheel Drive
  Front Wheel Drive vs Rear Wheel Drive
  Ground Clearance (High vs Low)
  Monocoque vs Ladder Chassis (from monocoque)
  Open Differential
  Understeer and Oversteer
  Vehicle Suspension
  Many high end concepts and technologies are based on or are improvements on basic automotive so knowledge of basic things may assist you in understanding the advanced and complicated features.

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