Sedan - Saloon

  A simple way of describing the sedan is to call it the regular passenger car, I would sometimes refer to it as the default vehicle bodystyle and the one which most other bodystyles will be compared to. Sedans are also called saloons.
  This is the average vehicle you would see driving down the street as most of the automobile manufacturers offer a variety of sedans in their line up. The Toyota Corolla is the number one selling car in the world which helps the sedan to be the number one selling bodystyle in the world.
  Sedans are also often used to design other bodystyles as their platforms are used to build other types of vehicles.
  Sedans consists of three main compartments:-
  • The front of the car with the bonnet or hood and the engine compartment.
  • The passenger area with four doors and two rows of seats which accommodates five(5) adults including the driver.
  • The rear compartment with the trunk or boot allowing the driver to carry cargo.
  In my view the sedan has earned its right as the preferred body style because it can accommodate most of the luxuries and engineering involved in the automotive industry, sedans are the perfect compromise. Following my research I have discovered that sedans can accommodate some of everything that can be installed in a vehicle, its like a jack of all trades.
mercedes s class sedan Mercedes Benz S Class, a high end luxury sedan lexus i s sedan Lexus IS, this is the entry level sedan from Lexus
  There are sedans with all wheel drive, some offer increased cargo space by folding down the back seat in a similar manner to wagons and SUVs. There are sedans with high performance engines to match those found in supercars and handling that comes close to that. With proper engineering you will now find sedans with above average center of gravity just to name some of the engineering benefits.
cadillac cts v sedan   Through research I've realized that good ergonomics and aerodynamics can be implemented in most if not all body types but the sedan perfectly mixes practicality as well. All of these benefits is why most flagships are sedans.
  Sedans are further classified into small, mid-size and full-size with the flagships being the full-size sedans.
  This is the 556 horsepower Cadillac CTS-V, one of the ultimate performance sedans.
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