The term Supercar is used for high end, exotic sport cars where the performance and their price greatly exceeds what you would expect from the average vehicle or even some of the other high end vehicles.
  Supercar is the term used for the top of the line sportcars (not formula 1) in the same manner Ultra Luxury is used for the top of the line luxury like the Maybach, Rolls Royce and Bentley.
  Although they may be top of the line sport oriented cars they are not usually made for or used in professional races and tournaments.
Some supercars can match and maybe surpass some of the cars that are used in professional racing but they are generally designed to be street legal or road worthy.
  A degree of ergonomics is used in a supercar as well so they may offer as much comfort as a sports car will offer but performance will be the number one factor over comfort and functionality. Styling also ranks high with supercars as most of them have an unusual but exotic design. Above average aerodynamics assist with the stying and performance of the supercar.
  Supercars are usually designed similar to a roadster bodystyle but their designs do vary from car to car when compared to roadsters. You can also custom design your supercar to suite your preference and many of them like the Bugatti Veyron are handmade.
lambo gallardo
TheLamborghini Gallardo
  Other common traits of these exotic cars are large displacement engines, usually V engines because of thier size, mid engine configurations, a low ground clearance and have some exotic styling in the interior and exterior.
Combinations of Aluminium chassis and body and/or carbon fiber chassis and body and other lightweight materials are also used.
zonda pagani
The Zonda Pagani
  A supercar has to be extremely fast and provide proper handling with the speed so the supercars of today are equipped with ABS, traction control and stability control to increase safety but they can sometimes reduce performance so the traction control and stability control can be lowered or turned off but this should only be done by experienced drivers.
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