Satellite Radio

  Satellite Radio appears in the comfort section simply because its not a necessity, but it does make your journey a little more comforting. This type of radio receives it's broadcasting signal from a communication satellite.
  The satellite radio signal can broadcast over a large geographical area up to an entire continent making it superior to the AM/FM signal which is a ground based signal covering only approximately 40 miles from each tower.
  The signal from the satellite also offers you a much wider range of radio programming than AM/FM radio. This means that you can listen to your favourite radio station in the United Kingdom on Monday and if you're in Germany with your vehicle on Wednesday you can listen to the same radio station.
  Your satellite radio receives CD quality signals from the satellite. The sound you hear is of a better quality than AM/FM and is free from distortion or very close to being distortion free. This high quality listening pleasure is further enhanced if your vehicle has features such as a premium audio system and/or rear seat entertainment.
  Unfortunately if your vehicle or car stereo can receive the satellite signal you still may not receive this service, you will need a satellite radio provider for subscription to the service and that is not available in all countries. One of the most well known provider is XM/Sirius which were 2 companies but has sinced merged.
  Your Satellite radio provider will also broadcast a variety of news, sports and weather in addition to the music stations.
satellite radio XM equipment for satellite radio satellite radio A car radio displaying Sirius satellite radio
  The satellite radio provider may also provide other useful satellite information such as live traffic data for the satellite navigation system.
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