Flagship Vehicle

  This is a term often used in the automotive world. A flagship vehicle is the one considered to be at the top of an automotive manufacturer's line up. This vehicle is usually the most expensive and prestigious the marque has to offer.
  A flagship is the vehicle that automotive marques would want CEOs and presidents of organizations, governments and dignitaries to purchase as their top personal transport. These vehicles can easily facilitate executive style transportation.
  Some automotive companies may have more than one flagship as the title may be given to the top vehicle in each bodystyle, for example   The full size sedan is usually the main flagship of the manufacturer and classic examples are the Lexus LS, the Mercedes Benz S Class, the BMW 7 Series and the Audi A8.
  The flagship model may have variations, for example the BMW 7 Series may have the 740i and 740li, 750i and 750li and the 760li which is the most prestigious of the line up.
  The 760li being a long wheelbase version with the largest engine BMW offers will be the flagship vehicle for BMW but any one of the 7 Series will also be considered as a flagship.
  Almost all the new technologies and features introduced by a company are introduced through the flagship, and only then will we see them on other models in the line up. Anti lock Braking Systems was introduced on the Mercedes Benz S Class and the i-drive interface was first seen on the BMW 7 Series before any other BMW model.
jaguar xj
Jaguar's flagship, the newly designed XJ
toyota land cruiser
Toyota's SUV flagship the Land Cruiser
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