Long Wheelbase - Extended Wheelbase

  The long wheelbase also known as extended wheelbase is a variant of some of the flagships or full size luxury sedans and some of the large sport utility vehicles.
  Wikipedia describes the wheelbase of a vehicle as the horizontal distance between the center of the front wheel and the center of the rear wheel in automobiles. The longer vehicles such as sedans and sport utility vehicles would have a longer wheelbase than shorter vehicles such as coupes and roadsters. With this information you can conclude that a shorter wheelbase when combined with other factors will be sportier and performance oriented.
  So the long wheelbase version is derived from a vehicle with an already long wheelbase. This is done to increase the space (legroom and headroom) given to passengers in the rear seat. The length of the chassis is increased thereby increasing the distance between the front and rear wheels. This increase in length varies along with the different marques but the vehicle will be between four to ten inches longer than the original version.
  Long wheelbase vehicles directs most or all of its increased length for the rear passengers to have more room or to facilitate executive rear seats. They are cars designed to be chauffeured in but still drive well.
  The increase by several inches is adequate for more comfort and the driving dynamics will be slightly compromised.
  Look at the exterior of a long wheelbase vehicle from the side and you may notice the stretched look in the area of the rear doors which indicates the increased space in the area of leg room for rear passengers.
long wheelbase phantom   The extended wheelbase versions of the sedans are usually the flagship of flagships and will ultimately be the most expensive product of the marque except if the marque has supercars. The long wheelbase vehicles are made with the largest engines provided, usually V-12 or W-12 engines. Features that are optional on other versions of the same vehicle are standard on these vehicles. There are some features on long wheelbase vehicles that are not even available as an option on other versions.
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