Four Door Coupe

  A four door coupe can be described as a combination of a coupe with a bodystyle that contains four doors, usually a sedan and the exception being a crossover SUV (the BMW X6) or a sports activity coupe as BMW calls it. The X6 is a combination of a crossover and a coupe.
  This bodystyle has been introduced to the luxury car segment by the well known, first generation Mercedes Benz CLS, the first car to be described as a four door coupe. This car is now in its second generation as the 2012 model in the image below has been launched.
  The philosophy of the four door coupe is to combine the sporty look and profile of a coupe with the four door convenience and comfort of a sedan. When there is a merging of two things sometimes there will be a compromise and the bodystyles does not escape this compromise. A genuine coupe will generally have a more distinct sporting look and dimensions and a genuine sedan will accommodate three passengers in the rear seat much easier with more head room than the four door coupe.
  Some of the characteristics you'll notice on a four door coupe that distinguishes it from a sedan will be sleeker roofline, a higher waistline, some of them will have a hatch instead of a trunk or boot. They may have a slightly lower ground clearance than the average car to add to the look and feel of a coupe. Four door coupes usually accommodates two passengers in the rear seat.
mercedes cls
The 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS four door coupe, notice the sleek roofline and high waistline.
  As I mentioned earlier the Mercedes Benz CLS was the first car to the officially labelled as a four door coupe but there are now several other four door coupes around in various price ranges. Some of popular ones are the Aston Martin Rapide, the Porsche Panamera, the Audi A7, the BMW Gran Coupe and the BMW X6 which are all four seaters.
  Some sedans in their pursuit to appear sportier in design and to increase their aerodynamics may have coupe design such as the sleeker roofline. Examples are the Jaguar XF and XJ, and the Volkswagen Passat CC.
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