Why High End Disclaimer

  Why High End describes the features in a general sense. Since many features are called by different names by the different marques (automobile manufacturer) I have made an attempt to find a name as neutral as possible and internet/search engine friendly to identify the feature.
  For the features that are manufactured or implemented differently by the various marques. The reaction time, size, shape, photos or any other attribute used to describe a feature or technology on why high end is done with the aim of providing an average estimation of the feature. They are not meant to discredit any brand with better attributes than those listed in this site and should not be used to represent that feature entirely.
  There are luxury and performance features that are exclusive to one marque such as Toyota's crawl control or have been made popular by one marque or an automotive group such as General Motors with magnetic suspension. For these features all attempts have been made to give a general description of the feature without plagiarizing and/or misrepresenting the content from the marque about that feature.
  Sometimes examples may be used in order to give an effective description of a feature or technology. For example in the premium audio system where the collaborations of high end auto and high end audio companies were discussed and several examples were given. These examples are stated after research from credible sources or from seeing the feature in the vehicles personally.
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