Crawl Control

  Crawl Control was created by Toyota as a system to further enhance the capabilities of their 4 wheel drive vehicles in off road driving. It was designed for low speed extreme off road conditions. Crawl Control reduces your input in off road driving by controlling the accelerator and the brakes for you as the vehicle moves through the rough terrain so all you have to do is steer the vehicle.
  How crawl control works is that it operates the power and the braking of each wheel individually when the system is switched on allowing you to concentrate on steering the vehicle because you can now remove your foot from the accelerator and brake pedal.
  Crawl control uses information from a variety of sensors and sends it to an ECU which sends commands to the various components required carry out its functions.
These sensors include the wheel speed sensor and other sensors used for stability control. Stability control components can be used as it is somewhat similar to crawl control, both systems control power and braking to each wheel individually but for a different reason.
  The information from all these sensors are used together to determine the amount of power to give to any or all of the wheels and to apply brakes to any wheel that needs it while the system is on.
  To switch the system on in your Toyota the vehicle must be stationary with your foot pressing the brake pedal and the transmission must be in neutral. Put the transfer case in the 4L position (low range), put your gear selector into either drive or reverse, switch the crawl control selector on and select one of 5 speeds. Remove your foot from the brake pedal and the vehicle will move.
  Crawl control can be operated consistantly for up to 12 minutes and you can use your accelerator or brake pedal to overide the system and control the vehicle normally during the 12 minutes.
crawl control The switch on the left is for the crawl control feature on the Toyota 4Runner. Power on/off and the five speeds are on the switch.
  Crawl control was introduced in the 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota's SUV flagship and it is now in other Sport Utility Vehicles such as the all new 2011 Prado, 4Runner and the Lexus LX.
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