Front vs Mid Engine

  The front vs mid engine debate, we all know that vehicles with the engine mounted at the front end is the most commonly known configuration. In fact many persons, have never driven a car with the engine mounted closer to the center of the vehicle.
  A mid mounted engine is one that is mounted between the front and rear axles so the bulk of weight is in the middle of the front and rear wheels. If the engine is behind the driver but over the rear axle then that is rear mounted like the Porsche 911 and not a mid mounted engine. There are mid engines infront of the driver like the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. You would observe how long the front of the car is, the engine is in front of the driver but behind the front axle.
  The question is does the popularity of the front mounted engine means that it is better than the engines mounted closer to the center of the car? The rear mid mounted engine will be used for the comparison as it is more popular than the front mid mounted engine.
  I will define the answers for the front vs mid engine debate as I split the explanation into two parts, functionality and performance.
  The front mounted engine is the better alternative.
  The location of the engine is the advantage as it allows the preferred bodystyle to benefit from all the functions such as passenger capabilities, cargo capabilities, or both. The engine and transmission is in the compartment where the steering mechanisms are already housed so its like killing two birds with one stone.
  With most of the mechanical components in the front, the rest of the vehicle is free to assign to any function that the manufacturer desires. I have also observed the front mounted engine is used for all of the drive layouts such as two wheel drive vehicles and four wheel drive vehicles.
  Technological advances have made very high end luxury and performance vehicles with engines mounted in the front so you can benefit from exceptional steering and handling and at the same time have your passenger and cargo space.
  The mid mounted engine is the better alternative.
R8 rear engine
The rear of an Audi R8 open and showing the engine
This is where the functionality is removed to facilitate performance. I'm not saying that mid mounted engines don't have their issues but for people who want a vehicle for straight out performance, buy a mid engine vehicle such as the Ferrari 488 GTB.
  An engine in the center of the vehicle allows better weight distribution and a lower moment of inertia. These cars will have a good center or gravity. That's why most supercars have mid mounted engines, they don't need a second row of seats or cargo space.
  The unusual location of the engine can sometimes be attractive as most persons are accustomed to an engine in the front under the bonnet. Its appealing to be passing by and see a powerhouse visible behind the driver's seat. I have only seen mid mounted engines in roadsters and exotic coupes as only one row of seats is required and mid engine cars are either rear wheel drive or all wheel drive.
  I would say that the front engine is the better choice because there are front engine vehicles providing above average qualities in both functionality and performance but where a front vs mid engine is concerned,once I could afford it and I already have vehicles for functionality I will buy a mid engine car, no doubt about it.
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