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  Imagine a vehicle as unique as your DNA or fingerprint. You can have that individuality with many high end cars. You may not see the words individuality, custom design or build your own in the feature list but it is an option available to you.
  The vehicle to be custom designed must have a range of exterior and interior options and sometimes sub-options with the ability to interchange options. The customising or build your own process can be done in person at the dealership or over the internet at the company's website usually from a link called Build Your Own.
  From the various options offered you can choose your paint, rims and tires, exterior lighting, the colour of your interior (leather), the trim (woodgrain, carbon fiber, etc). You can choose a combination of two or three colours for your interior and different patterns for your seats.
  Some luxury vehicles may offer features that you don't need or want so you are given the option of selecting the features and packages of your preference and not spend money on features you don't need. You can now rest assured that someone with a vehicle carrying the same name as yours is not the same, unless you both have the same preferences in luxury. Your vehicle was custom designed by you to to appeal to your senses.

clk designo Mercedes Benz CLK customised with designo (photo courtesy

  This form of luxury is not only offered on luxury vehicles but on high end sports vehicles and supercars such as the Bugatti Veyron. You also have the option in most vehicles to not custom design it and just buy one from the showroom, if you don't have much preferences you can do this as you will get your vehicle in a shorter space of time.
  Ultra luxury marques like Rolls Royce has extended this concept with a feature they call Bespoke. You can communicate personally with a Rolls Royce designer and have them install any feature on your vehicle even if its not on their list of features.
  For example the Audi A8 has it's standard Bose audio system and if you're an audiophile like me you will want to upgrade to the top of the line Bang & Olufsen 19 speaker (including one 12 inch woofer) audio system which should satisfy most audiophiles. If you're buying a Rolls Royce and want more audio power than their top of the line Lexicon audio package you can request a more powerful system and it will be installed in your car.
  With Bespoke you can have your initials or signature placed in the trim, seats or the exterior of your car or any design you can explain. This kind of individuality will cost you a hefty addition to the initial cost of the car as anything external of mass production will be an extra expense to the company.
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