Station Wagon - Estate

  I would say that a station wagon also called an estate is a passenger car with a greater emphasis on transporting cargo than a sedan.
  Wagons consists of three (3) main compartments:-
  • The front of the car with the bonnet or hood and the engine compartment.
  • The passenger area with four doors and two rows of seats which accommodates five(5) or six (6) averaged sized passengers including the driver.
  • An extended rear compartment with the roofline that goes straight back to the rear of the car which provides more space for cargo.
audi station wagon
The Audi RS6 Avant with over 500 horsepower
cadallic station wagon
The Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon
  In a wagon the extended roofline has the tailgate connected to it which replaces a trunk as the access point to the cargo area.
  Most station wagons are built from a sedan model and usually using the sedan's platform so the first two compartments will be similar to their sedan model and the cargo area will be different factor in the bodystyle and they will also be compared to the model.
  High end estates can and usually entail many of the luxuries of the sedan and the engineering benefits such as all wheel drive and fairly good aerodynamics.
  The rear passenger seats can fold down whenever they are not occupied to create even more cargo space bringing the wagon close to the cargo capacity of a small pick up truck or van.
  I see the station wagon or saloon as a very practical vehicle, as a matter of fact more practical than the sedan but the sedan usually has more style and prestige attached to it, think about it, if the wagon was as good as the sedan with more practicality then why are not as sought after as much but I love them still as I'm seeing some appealing wagons these days.
  The price of a wagon may be a little more expensive than it's sedan counterpart and it should be noted that flagship sedans generally don't have a station wagon model.
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