Pickup Truck

  Many people may refer to the pickup truck as pickup vans or vans and they come in a variety of sizes ranging from light, mid-size and large and they are built on a light truck chassis.
  Pick up trucks consists of three main compartments:-
  • The front of the van with the bonnet or hood and the engine compartment.
  • The passenger area which can either have one row of seats and two doors (Single Cab), or two rows of seats and four doors (Double Cab).
  • An extended rear compartment for cargo in the form of an open tray. Some pick ups may have their tray covered.
  The pickup truck is one of the ideal vehicles for transporting cargo as the tray of a van is much larger than the trunk of a sedan or the cargo area of a station wagon.
  They are also generally more heavy duty than cars and are built with diesel engines designed to provide adequate torque for tasks such as towing and transporting relatively large amounts of day to day cargo.
  Their rear suspension is also designed to accomodate the larger amount of cargo that can fit in the tray and therefore the ride will not be as smooth as other bodystyles especially when the tray is empty.
escalade ext
The Cadillac Escalade EXT
ford f150
The Ford F150
  There is another type of pick up but this type is used basically for commercial purposes and usually have no high end amenities. The other variant of a pick up consist of two main compartments:-
  • The engine and passenger compartments are combined as the engine and transmission under the seats and cab, single and double.
  • The same extended rear compartment for cargo in the form of an open tray.
  There are pick ups that combine the passenger capabilities of a sedan with the four wheel drive capabilities of a vehicle with a high ground clearance.
  You can buy luxury versions of pickup trucks like the Cadillac Escalade EXT which should have most of the comforts and features of the regular Escallade SUV but as I said earlier the ride smoothness may be compromised, The ride should still be great though.
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