Petrol vs Diesel Engines

  Petrol vs diesel conparison. Well I think that most people already know the first difference between the two fuel types and that would be the cost effectiveness. Five litres of diesel will be cheaper than the same amount of gasoline and the five litres of diesel would carry you a further distance than the five litres of gasoline.
  So we see that the diesel powered vehicle is more cost effective for day to day activities but there are other differences for us to consider.
  • Diesel engines are heavier so a 2500 cc diesel engine will be heavier than a 2500 cc petrol engine because stronger parts are need for their operation, this extra weight will cut their performance levels.
  • Diesel engines are more durable as they generally have more durable parts and the diesel fuel does not have any effect on the engine as gasoline does.
  • A turbocharger could have more effectiveness on a diesel engine than the gasoline (except the direct injection gasoline) as there is no fuel with the air before compression so the fuel would not ignite or vaporize before time in the highly compressed air of the turbocharger.
  • The turbo diesel engine will gain a higher percentage of the increase in horsepower but will not automatically become faster than a similar sized gasoline engine with a turbocharger offering the same amount of boost.
  • Complexity is reduced in a diesel engine as there is no ignition system but this is not a total advantage as they can be noisy and may require frequent maintenance intervals when compared to a petrol engine.
  • Diesel engines can pull or carry heavier loads for longer distances because they produce more torque. That would explain why most trucks, pickups and vehicles that transport large amounts of cargo or have a high towing capacity have diesel engines.
  • A petrol engine is a faster engine than it's diesel counterpart because they generally have more horsepower. So the 2500 cc petrol engine will cover the 1/4 mile in a faster time than a 2500 cc diesel engine and it will accelerate from a stand still to 60mph in a shorter time.
  • A diesel engine produces a smaller amount of carbon monoxide in it's exhaust gases but petrol is still considered to be a cleaner fuel as there is black soot and aerosols in the diesel exhaust gases.
  •   A diesel engine can offer some of the performance of the gasoline engine with the aid of a turbocharger. The engine retains all the advantages including better fuel economy than even smaller sized petrol engines and gains a significant increase in speed.
      Common rail technology has moved diesel engines closer to their gasoline counterparts not just in speed but in quietness and refinement but common rail is also used to improve the petrol engine.
      Although the diesel engine may seem like the better engine and it is if you want the vehicle for heavy duty work or commercial purposes, it is my opinion that the petrol engine is the better option if money is not an issue as this engine provides a better refined driving experience.
      There are very good diesel engines in some luxury models but the petrol versions usually out performs them when it comes down to the petrol vs diesel debate (see the youtube video in the external links).
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