Anti Roll Bar - Stabilizer Bars

  The anti roll bar is used to improve the handling of any vehicle during cornering. They are also known by the names Stabilizer Bars and Sway Bars. I'll use your experience to identify the problem that the anti roll bars deals with.
  I'm sure that you're aware that there is a transfer of weight in your vehicle as you corner at certain speeds.
  So if you're turning to the left then weight is transferred to the right side of the vehicle causing the right wheels to be pressed with more force on the road and the left wheels with less weight acting on it losses traction and can sometimes even lift off the ground according to the speed you're driving.
  Here is where a vehicle can overturn or roll over and in this scenario the vehicle would roll over to the right.
  The anti roll bar or bars prevents or reduces the roll of your vehicle as the metallic bar is attached to both right and left suspension and transfers force from one side to the other as your vehicle corners.
  Using the same scenario when the weight of the vehicle presses down on the right wheels the suspension or shocks is pushed up into the body of the vehicle and is compressed. The arm of the stabilizer bar that's attached to the right side is pushed upwards as well and that force is transferred to the left suspension and compresses it allowing your vehicle to have more stability during a turn.
  There are stabilizer bars for the front and rear suspension of a vehicle. Most if not all luxury vehicles are sold with anti roll bars and there are some that are sold as after market parts such as Eibach and H&R.
  The stiffness or functionality of the sway bar can be adjusted in some cars. A bar that is too stiff will rob the suspension of it's independence so roughness encountered by one wheel will be transferred to the other wheel. Some luxury vehicles are using anti roll bars that can be adjusted during driving via an on board computerized system.
  Other vehicles may have no need for anti roll bars. The use of magnetic suspension with its quick reaction time and handling or air suspension with its self levelling properties have become effective substitutes for the anti roll bar.
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