Minivan - Space Wagon

  The minivan was designed to be a true passenger vehicle with three rows of seats and capable of holding seven or eight persons including the driver. It may be hard to find any sport or performance oriented minivan but some luxury could easily mix with the functionality.
  Minivans consist of two main compartments:-
  • The front of the vehicle with the bonnet or hood and the engine compartment.
  • The passenger area with four doors, three rows of seats and a tailgate.
  The passenger area is extended and the minivan has a body styling close to an SUV or a station wagon, probably that's how it got the name space wagon. What separates minivans from SUVs and wagons is the extended area in the minivan is used for more passengers while the others are used for cargo. This means that minivans generally don't have much cargo room unless some of the seats are empty.
  The doors for the second row of seats can be opened the conventional way or they can be sliding doors and persons entering the third row of seats would do so in a similar method to persons entering the rear seats of a coupe as the second row of seats in the minivan can be pulled forward and folded down and the third row of seats can also fold to make space for cargo if the seats are not in use.
volvo minivan
The Volvo PV50
  Many of the space wagons that I know of are not equipped with all wheel drive like pick ups and SUVs but they have a higher ground clearance than sedans and other cars.
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