Selec Terrain

  Jeep's Selec Terrain is a feature available on the Grand Cherokee. Selec Terrain is one of Jeep's solutions for increasing the off road abilities of the Grand Cherokee. It basically allows the driver or the vehicle to choose a suitable setting to travel on various on and off road terrains.
  There are two available versions of selec terrain, these two versions are Off Road Group I and Off Road Group II.
  Off Road Group I consist of the five terrain modes, a transfer case with low range selection and hill descent control. Off Road Group II consists of an electronic rear limited slip differential and Quadra Lift (adjustable air suspension) in addition to what is included in Off Road Group I.
  There are five settings to choose from, these settings are
  1. Auto - the vehicle is operated using the default settings for all of the components involved for selec terrain, with 45% of the power being sent to the front wheels and 55% being sent to the rear wheels.
  2. Snow - the most notable changes will be that more torque is sent to the front wheels and the vehicle can move from a standstill in 2nd gear.
  3. Rock - the low range must be used together with the rock setting. The Quadra Lift allows you to raise the air suspension and increase the ground clearance by four inches from the standard ride height.
  4. Sand/Mud - more torque is sent to the front wheels
  5. Sport - in this mode 80% of the torque can be sent to the rear wheels, the traction control is turned off and the ride height can be lowered by about 1/2 inch if the Grand Cherokee is equipped with Quadra Lift
  The off road settings are adjusted by a rotary dial on the center console directly behind the gear lever. This rotary knob is surrounded by other features that assist in off road use such as low range selection, height adjustment and hill descent control.
  With the exception of Rock mode, any setting can be selected on the fly and at any speed. it's obvious that you won't be driving at 75mph and just decide to go off road and change modes but you can change it at any speed that you can drive off road.
selec terrain control   Selec Terrain is an optional feature but it should be ordered on any Grand Cherokee that is intended to be used off road.
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