Armoured Cars

  Armoured cars is a popular but still discreet area of the high end automotive industry with the sedan and SUV being the most popular vehicles to be armoured. There will always be persons whose personal safety and protection are regarded as high priority. Some marques began manufacturing production armoured versions of some of their existing vehicles such as Mercedes Benz with their E and S-Guard. There are companies such as the International Armouring Corporation in Utah USA that can add the armoured protection to regular vehicles.
  One of the beautiful things about armoured cars is that the vehicles looks the same as it's unarmoured counterparts. The protective features have been installed and implemented in such a way as to conceal the fact that the vehicle provides much more than accident safety and protection.
  Some Presidents and Prime Ministers are driven around in armoured cars as they are expected to so no great emphasis is placed on hiding the fact that the vehicle is protected. These presidential vehicles are sometimes armoured by specially selected organizations that installs greater protective features than those offered by the marques.
  There are different levels of armouring but armoured vehicles are designed to protect the passengers inside and to protect the necessary components of the vehicle to allow it to quickly transport the occupants away from the danger if necessary as a stationary vehicle increases the probability of it being penetrated. Some common features of these vehicles are;
  • The windows and windscreen are made from leaded glass, polycarbonate and other materials sandwiched into the glass. The thickness of the glass can vary offering protection from handguns to some rifles. The glass must also be more firmly attached to the body of the car and other parts such as door, bonnet, and trunk hinges should also be stronger.
  • The cavities of the doors and pillars are lined with any combination of steel plates, ballistic fabrics or other materials that may be used on bullet proof vests. The firewall and rear bulkhead may be lined with these materials as well but the floor and roof of the interior are lined with some form of ballistic fabric.
  • The undercarrage of the car is also protected with steel plates several inches in thickness.
  • To keep the vehicles moving they will also have run flat tires, these tires can be given further advancements to facilitate the nature of the vehicle. The vehicles may also have reinforced front bumpers to protect the radiator and engine during an attack or collisions during a getaway drive.
  These features will make the car bullet proof and will also protect the occupants from many types of explosives. The severity of the explosion can damage the mechanical aspect of the vehicle but the occupants can still be protected.
  Armoured cars will have slightly altered engines, suspensions and chassis as armouring a vehicle can add over 500 pounds to the weight of the vehicle. In consideration of this extra weight electronic systems like the ABS, the traction control and stability control are tuned by the marque to retain their efficiency with the extra weight. To modify a vehicle in an aftermarket organization can cost you from US $40,000 to over $100,000.
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