Electronic Brake Force Distribution

  Electronic Brake Force Distribution abbreviated to EBD or EBFD is a safety feature that works on the principle that all of the wheels on a vehicle dont support the same amount of weight as the weight is almost never evenly distributed and even if it is there are several issues that can alter the weight each tire receives.
  A vehicle with electronic brake force distribution takes the uneven weight distribution into account by the brakes and their associated systems when stopping the vehicle. Electronic brake force distribution applies ample force to stop each wheel at the same time as the others irrespective of how weight is acting on the wheel.
  During braking individual amounts of force is applied to each wheel based on how much weight is affecting that wheel. More weight on a wheel will increase the traction it receives. If all of the wheels receive the same braking force the wheels with less weight will stop first and lock while others are still spinning.
  In a front engine vehicle more weight is over the front wheels so these wheels require more force to stop than the rear wheels. Equal force can cause the rear wheels to lock early and the vehicle can spin out of control. This problem has more prevalence during heavy or emergency braking. A vehicle without EBD will usually maintain control during light application for the brakes.
  If three passengers with an average of 150lbs sat in the rear seat and you have 50lbs of cargo in the trunk, that puts 500lbs of weight on the rear wheels and EBD will adjust the braking force to suit this new weight. If one or two of the passengers exit the vehicle EBD will adjust again.
  If you are cornering at a relatively high speed and have to use the brakes heavily some of the weight will shift to one side of the vehicle and EBD will compensate for this transfer of weight. This cornering issue allows electronic brake force distribution to adjust the braking force along all the wheels several times in a second.
  Electronic brake force distribution is an extension of the anti-lock braking system although it operates before the ABS and sometimes eliminates the need for ABS. You may see ABS without EBFD but electronic brake force distribution is always accompanied by anti lock brakes.

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