Pedestrian Detection With Full Auto Brake

  Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake is an all new system introduced in the Volvo S60. It is part of their Collision Avoidance system and the name of the feature gives a brief description of what it does.
  Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake consists of a radar unit at the front of the car behind the grill, a camera at the front of the interior rear view mirror and an ECU.
  The radar and camera works together. The radar detects any object (of a certain size and larger) that is in front of the car as it moves forward and the camera is used to determine what these objects are before sending the information to the ECU. This allows the system to identify pedestrians from other objects.
  Pedestrian detection also observes if the pedestrians or other objects are moving or stationary, the distance these objects are from the car and any other attribute that may be necessary for Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake to function.
  The system is also able to learn the patterns, movement and behavior of pedestrians to be able to identify untimely situations much faster and easier.
  The ECU is continuously receiving data from the radar and camera so pedestrians and other recognizable objects that suddenly come into the path of the car will cause the system to react and not just pedestrians that was observed initially.
The full auto brake part of the pedestrian detection comes into play if the system senses that the vehicle will collide with the pedestrian or object. An audible warning is given along with a flashing red light on the windshield to alert the driver. The brakes are pre-charged to facilitate a faster stop.
  If the driver does not react in time to avoid the collision then Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake will apply full braking force on its own to stop the vehicle.
the volvo s60
  Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake functions at any speed above 2.5 mph but at speeds up to around 21mph it focuses on avoiding the collision. At higher speeds it focuses on reducing the speed and force of the impact. The Volvo S60 with Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake
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