Adaptive Cruise Control

  Adaptive Cruise Control is an advanced type of cruise control system that allows a vehicle to maintain a pre-set speed and a pre-set distance from the vehicle directly in front of it.
  Adaptive Cruise Control allows your vehicle to keep the pre-set distance by reducing the speed of your vehicle if the car in front is travelling slower than the speed you pre-set.
  You activate it in the same way you would activate regular cruise control but you also have to select a distance you want your vehicle to maintain if another vehicle should be in front of you.
  While driving with the cruise control activated, if your vehicle comes too close to a slower moving vehicle, your vehicle automatically slows down to maintain the distance that you set.
  Some systems reduce the speed of the vehicle to a certain limit and then alert the driver to apply the brakes to avoid a collision but the more advanced systems can reduce the speed of the vehicle to a complete stop.
  If the slower moving vehicle increases speed or moves to another lane, the system automatically increases the speed of your vehicle until it reaches the set speed.
  Radar based technology similar to that in collision avoidance is used to monitor and control the distance from the vehicles ahead. This technology is very effective but usually only monitors other forward moving objects.
  Information from the radar is sent to the engine management system and electronic throttle control to control the throttle and the speed. Vacuum mechanisms are not used in adaptive cruise control, these systems are fully electronic.
  This radar points forward and is usually located at the front of the vehicle such as in the grill and is able to calculate the speed and distance of a moving vehicle in front of you.
  The area in front of the vehicle is constantly scanned once adaptive cruise control is activated and with a distance selected the radar can determine if a vehicle is within the selected distance.
  The radar system can also determine which vehicles are in the same lane as you don't want your vehicle to be reducing speed for vehicles in other lanes.
  Other common names for adaptive cruise control are advanced cruise control, smart cruise control, adaptive cruise control with stop & go function or simply just adaptive cruise control.
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