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  In car massage or massage seats are luxury car seats that give you a massage to add some relaxation to your drive especially on long journeys.
  As with any car seat feature a massage function will be first offered on the driver seat, then the driver and front passenger seat on more expensive models and then both front seats and the rear seats in the top of the line models.
  How many of the top of the line in car massage systems work is by using small air bladders placed inside the seat and/or backrest. There can be between five to twelve air bladders in a seat.
  An air compressor or pump is then used to inflate and deflate each bladder separately to give a pressing, rolling or kneading action. The pump may be located in or out of the seat.
  The massage function may be offered as an option on most vehicles that can be equipped with them but can be standard on the more expensive models like long wheelbase and other chauffeur driven sedans.
  The feature can apply the massage to seat itself to give a butt massage or to the backrest to give a shoulder, back or lumber massage. The backrest is more commonly found on in car massage systems.
  In car massage feature can offer the massage in a variety of ways;
  • A vehicle may offer one setting and simply have an on/off or start/stop switch or button.
  • A vehicle may offer massages at different speeds with and allow you to choose between fast, slow or in between.
  • A vehicle may offer massages at various intensity (the force used to give the massage) with and allow you to choose between a gentle or intense massage or in between.
  • A vehicle may offer different types of massages (pattern of movement) with a specific name given to each type.
  It is common for a vehicle to combine massage options. For example a Mercedes seat can give you a slow and gentle, fast and gentle, slow and vigorous and fast and vigorous.
  The buttons for the massage function are usually located on the respective door, the center console, the seat itself or anywhere the buttons of other seat features such as heated or ventilated seats are located.
  It is also common for the infotainment screen to be used to control massage options either by pressing a button to activate the feature then making selections through the screen or by doing everything on the screen.
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