Bluetooth Streaming | Bluetooth Handsfree

  Bluetooth Streaming or Handsfree allows a bluetooth enabled phone or device to be paired with a vehicle to control certain functions of that device through the vehicle.
  Bluetooth is a wireless technology for exchanging data over short distances, usually up to 10 meters between devices.
  During streaming the data is broken up into parts which are sent on up to 79 radio frequencies where the data is then restructured in order on the receiving device.
  Any two devices are paired once usually by using the same code in both devices then they would recognize each other once they're in close proximity and can be connected for streaming.
  A phone can be paired with many other phones, wireless devices and vehicles but will only connect to and send and receive data from one device at a time.
  A vehicle can be paired with several devices (up to 10 in some vehicles) but will stream data from one phone/device at a time with the option to switch between the others.
  Mobile bluetooth devices connect to your vehicle through the infotainment system (which is another bluetooth enabled device) which allows you to carry out the following functions.
  Data Streaming- Your contact list can be sent to and integrated into the vehicle along with other information such as appointments and text messages which is shown on the screen upon request.
  Call & Answer Calls- The phone receives the reception/call signal but all other features for phone calls such as a microphone, speakers, number pad/keys and a display are accessed through the car.
  Calls and other alerts are forwarded to the vehicle's system where you can accept or reject the call. The music stops when a call comes in and once you answer it you speak freely and listen through the vehicle's speakers.
  You can use the infotainment system, multi function steering wheel or voice control to make a call from your contacts or from any other number.
  Music Streaming- You can scroll through the music files and listen to the songs from your phone on the vehicle's audio system.
  Music streaming with good enough quality was made possible by a technology called Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) which uses a greater bandwidth for faster streaming and better sound quality.
  With A2DP music streaming you can also stream online content like Pandora Radio to be played through your vehicle's audio system if you pair a smartphone with an internet connection.
  Quality of the streamed music will vary among vehicles and may not always be as good as a wired connection and using bluetooth over long periods can drain the phone battery.
  There are many aftermarket bluetooth handsfree kits than can achieve most of the functions of the in car systems but these are not synchronized with the vehicle like factory installed bluetooth streaming.
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