Automated Manual Transmission | Semi Automatic Transmission

  An Automated Manual Transmission or Semi Automatic Transmission allows manual gear changes and uses a clutch but facilitates the gear changes without a clutch pedal.
  It's basically a computerized manual transmission with somewhat automatic controls/shifters plus an ability to manually shift between gears.
  The gears are not laid out in an "H" pattern as in a traditional manual but gear changes are achieved via an "up" and "down" or "+" and "-" interface on paddle shifters and/or on the gear lever.
  How it works is via an electro-hydraulic mechanism in place of clutch pedal and a physical cable to disengage the clutch and allow gear changes.
  The electronics/ECU can also interface with the engine's electronics and perform rev matching before engaging the clutch again.
  An automated manual has a direct connection to the engine unlike a torque converter but is much easier to use than a conventional gear shifter and clutch pedal.
  The gear changes are generally quicker as the clutch can be disengaged and re-engaged faster via the electronics and launch control can be easily incorporated into the transmission.
  Although it's a manual by nature, it can also function as an automatic by using the computer/electronics to shift between gears automatically.
  There are some disadvantages such as a semi automatic is usually more expensive and maybe slightly heavier than a comparative automatic or manual.
  The gear changes are not as smooth as a torque converter automatic (or even manual in some cases) and the regular transmissions are generally better suited for regular driving and driving in traffic.
  Automated manuals can be made for a variety of platforms and found in a variety of vehicles including sports cars, busses, trucks and even some economy cars.
  Most sports cars however, use dual clutch transmission which is a type of automated manual transmission that uses two clutches to further increase performance.
  Performance oriented cars that still use a single clutch semi automatic are the Lamborghini Aventador and Aston Martin cars.
  Some vehicles with semi automatics function as automatics as default with an option to change gears (sometimes via a sport mode) but vehicles such as supercars may only function as a manual.
  The automated manual transmission (dual clutch included) has become very popular throughout the automotive industry as even transmission giant ZF makes a semi automatic 8HP transmission.
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