Memory Seats

  Memory seats or seats with memory function are power adjusted seats where you can save your favourite seating position in the vehicles memory and you can recall that position anytime with the push of a button. The memory functions are used on the front seats of luxury vehicles, some of them are only on the driver seat and others have them on both the driver and passenger seats.
  Memory seats are useful if more then one person drives the vehicle and especially if those persons are of varying sizes and /or have different driving preferences. Considering that some power seats have up to 22 different seating positions there are many configurations that your front seat can be adjusted to and returning the seat to your favourite position is made much easier with the memory function.
  Many vehicles with with memory seats have two memory positions that can be set and others like the 2011 Range Rover Sport and Lexus LS have three memory positions. The buttons to recall the positions along with the button to set the positions can be found on the corresponding front door or in areas next to the power seat controls.
  Some vehicles may differ in some of their settings but a basic idea of how to set a position into memory is to configure the seat while the vehicle is on, press the button to set the memory and the corresponding numbered button until you gat an audio or visual alert.
audi memory seats   In some vehicles the steering and rear view mirrors (interior and wing mirrors) can also be adjusted and set along with the seating memory.
  When you press one of the buttons to recall a seating position the seat locates the setting while moving at a speed thats not to fast to jerk your body but not too slow to test your patience.
  These are the buttons for the memory seats in one of Audi's vehicles, there is the set button and the two buttons for memory settings.
  I can see memory seats making an appearance in the rear seats of chauffeur driven limousines or the long wheelbase sedans in the not too distant future as the competitive nature will drive the rear seats in these vehicles to be more luxurious.
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